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High-efficiency double-suction type computer heat dissipation fan

Back to list Release date: Mar 23, 2020

2012中国足球直播 www.204214.live this heat dissipation fan is related to a high-efficiency double-suction computer 2012中国足球直播, especially for the heat dissipation device used in the computer central processing unit (CPU).due to the strong structural rigidity, the blades have the guiding function, and the air flow sucked in by both sides is not obstructed by the partition plate, this new type has the effect of high efficiency and relatively low noise.

computer is a necessary electronic information product for modern people.it is an era when almost everyone has one computer.the reason why the computer works is that the central processing unit (CPU) performs it.when performing the operation, a high temperature will certainly be generated.when generating a high temperature, if it is not cooled, it will be make the operation of the computer appear unstable, so the CPU is usually equipped with a heat dissipation device, namely the fan device, to dissipate heat generated by the high temperature, so the design of the fan blades is closely related to the execution stability of the CPU. While in terms of heat sink design, how to make the high temperature generated by the central processing unit, under the operation of the fan, can achieve the best heat dissipation effect, can be said to be a very important problem in the use of computers and operation.

common computer fans are mostly single-sided suction fan designs, as shown in fig.1, but in order to further improve the heat dissipation effect, there is a double-suction computer fan design to improve the air volume, as shown in figs.2 and 3 (it is a new patent case in Taiwan, China, and its public there is a gap between the hubs, the first blade has a-notch angle, and a plurality of second blades are formed on the lower surface of the partition plate, and there is a gap between the second blades and the hubs; Wherein when the fan blade structure sweeps over the rib, the angle of intersection between the second blade and the rib about 90 degrees. However, this double suction centrifugal fan has the following disadvantages:

1, the upper and lower air inlet holes introduce different air flows and uneven air pressures.the partition plate arranged in the middle of the fan will cause vibration, shaking and noise when the fan is running.

2.there is a partition board in the middle of the fan.the introduced fluid will generate friction and turbulence due to the partition board's resistance.when the upper and lower layers of fluid are pushed out by centrifugal pressure from the blades, the flow rate, flow rate and wind pressure of the upper and lower layers of fluid are different, which is easy to generate turbulence phenomenon, the overall efficiency of the fan is not good.

3.the bracket in the middle of the blade is straight strip without any streamline curved arc design, so it is not good for fluid conductivity.


in view of this, the purpose of this heat dissipation fan is to provide a reduce noise.

the purpose of the cooling fan is realized through the following technical scheme.the high-efficiency double-suction computer fan provided by the cooling fan is mainly composed of a base, a cooling fan and a cover body; The center of the base is an accommodating groove for heat dissipation a fan is correspondingly arranged, and one side of the base is provided with an air outlet; Characterized in that the heat dissipation fan is provided with double rows of blades, and the number of the outer blades is larger than that of the inner blades; The inner blade is part of the blade which extends inwards, and the cross section of the inner blade and the outer blade after being connected is smooth flow guide curve, in order to increase the scope and smoothness of the airflow. When the height of the inner blade is higher than that of the motor, it can extend across the top surface of the motor to enhance the rigidity of the structure and the air flow rate. The upper and lower surfaces of the outer blades can be respectively provided with a ring to increase the rigidity of the fan. By because the structure of the cooling fan is rigid, the blades have a flow guiding effect, and the air flow sucked by the two sides is not obstructed by the partition plate, the cooling fan has the effects of high efficiency and relatively low noise.

in order to make the cooling fan clearer and more detailed, the structure and technical features of the cooling fan will be described in detail below with reference to preferred embodiments and accompanying drawings.

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